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Fresh Mistletoe products and Fresh ideas from the English Mistletoe Company.

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Vamos Masked Theatre Company will be performing Count Down to Christmas at the Mistletoe Festival 6th December Agent Green, the Dragon Whisperer is appearing at the Regal Community Centre click on picture for ticket information

Welcome to the English Mistletoe Company's website. We are suppliers of quality fresh English mistletoe (Viscum Album), set in the UK's Capital of English Mistletoe Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire.

We are able to provide you with the freshest possible English mistletoe which is harvested to order and dispatched to you within 24 hours. All our mistletoe is graded in the orchard at point of harvesting and again at packing so insuring that you have the best possible product. Please visit products for more details.

Suppliers of quality fresh mistletoe from the orchards of the Teme Valley and Tenbury Wells, the UK Capital of English Mistletoe.

Sprig of Fresh English Mistletoe - Traditional sent as sign of peace good will and good luck.

For your festive decorations:

½ Kilo - For personal space decoration

1½ Kilos - Ideal for the flat or Small home decoration:

3 Kilo’s - Suitable for decorating the family home

5 Kilo’s - Ideal for decoration of the baronial hall, sharing with friends  or using for that wedding!

Our online shop is now closed. If you need fresh Mistletoe for  wedding or other reason after the holiday period please make contact via our contact pages.

Thank you

NEW 2014 prices

includes postage & packaging  

Fresh English Mistletoe, box ready for delivery.

The Alternative Christmas Card:

Why not send your friends and family a small boxed sprig of Fresh English Mistletoe, as an alternative to the traditional Christmas Card?

During 1914/18 Mistletoe was sign of peace and good luck and appeared on many of the Christmas cards at that time.

The piece of mistletoe you send them can be hung in their home and not only act a your symbol of peace and good will, but can also act as the traditional method of warding of back luck!

No longer Available

Harvesting fresh english mistletoe from the orcherds of the Teme Valley and tenbury Wells, the UK Capital of English Mistletoe

Grow your own Packs:

Why not buy your own fresh English Mistletoe seeds to plant next year? Or send them to someone as a present?

Grow your own packs with instruction available from 1st February 2015 - optimum time for berry ripeness for seeding and planting.

To pre-order and find out more

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The English Mistletoe Company is please to support

Tenbury Mistletoe Association’s 2014 Mistletoe Festival

Visit the Capital of English Mistletoe, Tenbury Wells and join us in celebrating this unique festival and fun family day out!

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