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Welcome to the English Mistletoe Company

We supply fresh English Mistletoe and Holly to both private and trade customers if you can not find the answers to any questions you might have please contact Simon or Ryan, we will be only to happy to answer your questions. Customer satisfaction is our number one aim and our pride!

To insure you get the best products possible, our fresh Mistletoe and Holly is harvested to order. It is graded in the orchard before being transported to be packed where it will undergo another grading so you will only receive the best quality products. Please note: our years of experience handling fresh Mistletoe and holly has taught us that a period of 24 hrs drying before packing delivers to you the best product possible.

Fresh English Mistletoe for sale in varrious quntities

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Holly and Wreaths


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(For mistletoe and holly - Min order 5 Kilos)


Keep an eye on our Facebook page where details of special offers will appear.

At the English Mistletoe Company we know that our system of harvesting mistletoe to order means that from time to time we have parcels of mistletoe and holly that are surplus to requirements. We will pack these up and offer them as Special Offers via of FB pages.

Keep up to date with what is happening at the English Mistletoe Company and for other information about the legends of mistletoe and holly check out our Blog!


Want to grow your own English Mistletoe?

Check out our growing mistletoe pages in the about section or click here.

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And now for something a completely different…..

As we approach the festive season; if you are of the fairer sex or looking for something for the fairer sex then check out this link to our friends @ Tizzandtonic!


Orchard Up Date

This year we seem to be experiencing a lack of berried holly in both the smooth and variegated varieties; which are the ones in most demand at this time of year. Our viewing of the annual holly and mistletoe sales which start today (28/11) reflect this - So expect high prices for berried holly!   

We hold a limited stock of smooth berried holly - contact us for more information.  

Do you want mistletoe berries to grow your own?

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