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The English Mistletoe Company was set up for the 2011 Mistletoe Season. It has been established to champion Mistletoe, related products and to provide a commercial outlet for high quality English Mistletoe.

It is the English Mistletoe Company’s aim to insure that fresh mistletoe products reach customers within two to three days of harvesting, thus ensuring customers’ products will look their best when used for decorations at weddings and parties as well as insuring, if handled properly, it will last during the festive season.

The Company looks to develop new ideas to promote the finest quality English Mistletoe and to provide fresh and associated mistletoe products for the public to enjoy; that we hope will encapsulate the traditions, history and folklore of this fascinating semi-parasitic plant.

The English Mistletoe Company is a small part time enterprise that is active from October through to April. We have a passion for Mistletoe, it’s folklore and traditions which we wish to share with all.

An old apple tree laden with English Mistletoe

Photo: Fran Hipkiss ©

Our History:

It all started with TEME, ‘Tenbury English Mistletoe Enterprise’.

TEME was a partnership set up to promote English grown mistletoe via events and the Internet, and was a key player in the establishment of the Tenbury Wells Mistletoe Festival in 2004.

The TEME project began when a consortium of local business people and nationally acknowledged mistletoe experts got together to help secure a future for mistletoe that was grown locally in the area.  This occurred at a time when the famous Tenbury Wells Mistletoe Auction was in serious decline and it was feared that a time honoured tradition would be lost for ever.  

Thankfully, even though the traditional Auction site has been lost with the sale of the ground to Tescos, local Auctioneer, Nick Champion continues the tradition by hosting the annual auctions at Burford House Garden Centre.

TEME was responsible, with the support of local MP, Bill WIGGIN, for the Parliament’s recognition in October 2005 of the establishment of National Mistletoe Day. This day is recognised as the first Saturday in December, and is an important date within the calendar of the Town of Tenbury Wells as well as the local Druids.  

The end of the 2010 Mistletoe Season saw the decision that TEME had completed its primary role with Tenbury Wells’ connection to mistletoe having been firmly re-established.

Primary founder of TEME, retired Councillor and local business man Reg Farmer decided that TEME needed to evolved, and so it did into the English Mistletoe Company, the rest as they say is history!

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