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Welcome to the English Mistletoe Company’s how to grow mistletoe page

Rule one of mistletoe growing is patience! Once a seed has germinated it will do little for the first year, it will take another 12 months to show its first leaves and it is not likely to produce berries (if it is a female plant) until year 4 or 5. After that it is likely to double in size each year.  

Rule two of mistletoe growing is that the plant is dioecious; it has male and female flowers on different plants, so you will need to have both plants present and growing to produce berries in the future. This is why we recommended that you plant in batches of 4-5 berries about 20cm apart. No one can know the sex of the plant until it grows and shows you.

Within this page you should find all the information you require to grow your mistletoe. We accept that we do not have all the answers and as our knowledge increases on the subject we will update these pages for the information of all. Likewise we accept that with time you will have your own information and we would love to here your views and experiences with regards to propagating the mistletoe of the future.

On receipt of your seeds from the English Mistletoe Company we suggest that you examine and make sure your seeds are not damaged and the casings are fully intact and then store them in a fridge until you are ready to plant. Let us know immediately if you have any problems.

Good Luck with your endeavours!

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