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Terms & Conditions Contact Home Sprig of mistletoe used to kiss under herlds back to old traditions and arcane feriltiy rites.

So the stories, myths and legends continue! However today we know mistletoe for the tradition of stealing a kiss under it! Much of its mystical significance can be explained by it being an evergreen plant with no roots, suggesting both continuity of life and spontaneous regeneration. The berries held between two splayed leaves is indicative of an aphrodisiac. It is therefor no surprise that the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe probably originated in the wider area of the Severn Valley where mistletoe’s heartland is. Here arcane fertility rites have continued into the early 20th Century. It is known that during the 1850’s maidens still went out to collect the ‘Mistletoe Pollen’ on midsummer's eve to place under their pillow. It is was said that such practice would reveal in a dream who the maiden’s husband would be!

It is no wonder then that we retain such a fascination for this traditional of all plants.

Even today research is being conducted into its medical properties as a cure for cancers, and it healing properties have been recorded through the ages by such people as Culpepper.  Though we warn you not to ingest it (unless under medical supervision) as it is still rated as a poison.

The myths, legends and traditions leads to mistletoe being used as a symbol of peace and good luck, this was very evident during the 1914-18 Great War when such symbology was used on greeting cards at Christmas time.

So why not send your families and friends a traditional greeting of peace and good luck that is stepped in our traditions, myths and legends of old!

Remember if you do pucker up under the mistletoe, remove a berry after the kiss, or else the magic might not work! And when all the berries are gone the right to steal a kiss under the mistletoe cease!