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If you research the Internet in respect of Mistletoe and the growing of Mistletoe you will find a lot of contrary opinions and differing advice. Remember that some of the comments made might not be actually about the European Mistletoe, Viscum album, but about other species and varieties of the plant such as the American mistletoe Phoradendron leucarpum (American Oak mistletoe) or Phoradendron serotinum.  

We find that more and more people are trying to plant Mistletoe on all sorts of different types of trees, so our advice is try, and let us know what the results are!

The best advice we can give from our expert’s many years of experience is make sure the tree you chose is healthy, select your planting site so that the seed is exposed to plenty of light and yet protected from predators. The tree branch selected should at least 10 cm (4”) in diameter and there are suggestions that the tree should be at least 15 years old (In consideration a tree with branches of 10 cm diameter is likely to be that age any way).

As for the species of tree – here lies much debate! There are some schools of thought that say you mistletoe berries should be planted in the same trees that the berries came from, to a certain extent this might be true in respect of Oak. This comes from research done in France with French oaks. We find that most common UK fruit trees will be suitable as a host tree, as well as poplar, limes, hawthorns and even roan. We must also state that we know of very little mistletoe growing in English Oak in our area.

So try, experiment as see what happens – remember patience is a virtue!

The mistletoe seen in this pictured was planted on this crabapple tree about 3 years ago.

(Click on the picture for a close up of the young mistletoe plant)


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