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How long does Mistletoe Keep?

English mistletoe will stay fresh for 2+ weeks - but only if it is kept cool and damp. Once inside a heated building it will dry visibly after a few days.

When you receive your order please remove its delivery packaging immediately and put in a cool damp place.  

Don't ask for delivery too early, or if you do, store it outside in a unheated shed or garage until you need it indoors. (You can order well in advance - you tell us when you will need it - see notes on delivery)

Unlike most wholesale mistletoe dealers we do not store our mistletoe - instead we pick to order, aiming to ensure you get it as fresh as possible so that its ‘shelf-life' with you is as long as possible.

Delays in delivery (over weekends etc) can reduce its life significantly, as we have no control over how it is stored after it leaves us.