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Then English Mistletoe Company takes the matter of your privacy very seriously. Under no circumstance, other than compliance with the law, will the English Mistletoe Company disclose any personal information to a third party. Personal information is such information that appertains to you as a individual and is personal to you.

Then English Mistletoe Company keeps the collection of such information to that which is strictly necessary in order that it can communicate with it customers and process and fulfil any of its customers orders or requests.

By placing an order with the English Mistletoe Company or by making any other form of communication you agree to us holding such information that is necessary that we can facilitate your order or request.

The English Mistletoe Company will not hold any financial information about you. This information is stored by PayPal and subject to their terms, conditions and policies.

If you believe any of the information that we hold about you is in accurate please contact us and we will be happy to amend our records.


With regards to any orders that you place with the English Mistletoe Company you must supply the relevant and accurate information that will enable the English Mistletoe Company to fulfil your order.

You also agree to have read and comply with our terms and conditions.

All maters with regards to financial transactions are dealt with by PayPal and are subject to their terms and conditions. PayPal on pass to the English Mistletoe Company that information that is necessary to fulfil your order.