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Trade Customers

The English Mistletoe Company aims is to be the best supplier of top quality fresh English Mistletoe to the trade. All our Mistletoe is guaranteed to be English Mistletoe (Visum Album) that has been harvested, with sustainability in mind, from orchards within the Tenbury Wells (UK’s Capital of English Mistletoe) and surrounding Teme Valley area.  

We sell in quantities of 5 Kilo boxes up to a maximum of 5 boxes (25 Kilos total weight) per delivery.

All orders for fresh English Mistletoe are harvested to order and packed within 24 hrs of cropping. The mistletoe is then dispatched on the day of packing to reach the customer during the next day.

This means that you have the freshest possible English Mistletoe for your needs, with the longest shelf life.

Suppliers to the trade, if they don’t have direct access to their own orchards, either rely on supplies from the Holly and Mistletoe Auctions, foreign imported, or via resellers. In all case the mistletoe on offer will have been harvested anything up to a week prior and in some cases even longer, which leads to questionable freshness and shelf life.

The English Mistletoe Company will provide you business the freshest mistletoe that has been quality assessed at time of harvesting and quality assessed again at the time of packing and them delivered to where ever you want it (within the UK) via a next day courier service. Our courier service use the predict system so you will be notified on the day of delivery when your mistletoe will arrive within an hours window.

The English Mistletoe Company uses PayPal for its online transactions to give the customer complete confidence in security.

The English Mistletoe Company never has any of your personal or business details other than those that are necessary to complete your order, Name, delivery information and phone number for the predict service.

Please Note: we only dispatch trade orders on Mondays- Thursdays. Please make sure you give us the correct dispatch date with your order! -Thank you

The above PayPal system is for deliveries to the UK mainland.

For deliveries off the UK mainland or out side of the above shown dates please contact simon@englishmistletoecompany.co.uk in advance. Your requirements will be discussed and an invoice raised.





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2016 prices include next day delivery charges.

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