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Carole Seymour is florist and B&B owner in Sterling Scotland. Carole contacted EMC in November 2013 in preparation for a wedding that she was responsible for the floral decorations for that occurred between Christmas and the New Year. This is what she did with the mistletoe supplied by EMC.

“I made up 8 large bunches and 12 smaller bunches to be hung from pews.  A further 30 small bunches were made, two of which were put in each of the table centres with the antlers, moss and fairy lights.  On the day these had 3 glass balls with T lights inside hanging from the antlers as well as the fairy lights.

As I got more confident using mistletoe I made brides bouquet with 2 sprigs of Ilex and 7 stems of pussy willow in, and replicated for the bridesmaids hand ties.  I was also requested to make a bubble wrap in water for the girl who introduced the happy couple, all looked really good.  The stems, I found, did shrink a bit but I just did up the string tighter on the hand ties and bubble wrap.

Also I made 8 buttonholes with a little sprig of Ilex berried and mistletoe, really simple but very effective.

All the floral preparation took about 3 weeks in total but I found I was working with the Mistletoe for about 10 days (though I did take the odd day off!).

I found the mistletoe really easy to work with, gaining confidence as the days went on!  The stems did not break, any that did I kept for the 30 small bunches and buttonholes.

The mistletoe did not need to be kept in water, so I could put satin ribbons on the handles of the bride’s bouquet and not worry about it getting wet!

Everything was made up by 27th December when I went to Trades Hall to make up antlers which were standing in 2kg clay covered in moss with 2 little bunches of mistletoe, then on 29th December we took everything to the church, the mistletoe lasted well.”

Mistletoe for Weddings

Mistletoe is steeped in myths, legends and history that go back almost to the start of time. It was regarded by the a lot of people in ancient history as a symbol of love and fertility, as well as peace and good luck! More recent tradition celebrates this with the right of a kiss when stood under the a berried bough.

It is no wonder then that there is a strong association of mistletoe with modern contemporary weddings that are wanting to keep some of that passion for our past culture alive and relevant in today's modern world.

At the English Mistletoe Company, we get a lot of requests each year to supply mistletoe for weddings. Over the years we have built up considerable experience on how the plant can be used to help with the decorations and add that ‘je ne sais quoi’ to the big day. Mistletoe with it’s wealth of myths, legends and fables certainly can add interest to a winter wedding.

To give you an idea of what can be done read the experience of Carole below.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements or how you could use mistletoe at your wedding.